My name is Shiri. That is Hebrew for "My Song." I am a Complete Jew. This means that I am a Jewish person who believes in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

I am a Licensed Minister under the umbrella of the 
Canadian Christian Ministers Federation (CCMF) and Pastor David Ramiah; after spending 6 wonderful years at a Messianic Congregation in Thornhill, Ontario.

My Calling and passion is
letting people know about the Hope we have in Yeshua! About the Abundant Life that we can have with the One True God - the God of Israel - who loves us and wants to bless us and have a personal relationship with us.

But this was not always the case for me. I grew up in the land of the bible: Israel, and came to Canada with my parents and brothers in the mid 1990s. Growing up, I did not like religion. I still don't... I did not know that God does not like religion also! Yet I longed to know if there is some 'higher power' governing our lives and our path. Things could not just be random or attributed to "luck." So I searched for answers. I went the intellectual way first: 

I completed
a Masters degree in Psychology with a specialization in child development. I worked as a psychotherapist, grief counsellor, and workshop facilitator for 10 years. This was a wonderful season in my life but still not enough to quench the thirst in my Neshama (soul). So I turned to new age spirituality. I combined my background in psychology along with my passion for teaching and began being known as a teacher and workshop facilitator in various new age modalities across Canada. I offered countless seminars and courses to small and large groups and even published a book in 2011. I thought I found God...

I was wrong!

What I did not know is that new age spirituality, "healing" methods, calling other spirits, sorcery and witchcraft are not at all of God but of the kingdom of darkness...!  Unknowingly, I opened the door to dark spirits of satan to come into my life! 

Then at 37 years old, I came face to face with death! That terrible word: CANCER was spoken over me and life as I knew it, ended...! 

Watch the rest of my story and how God's Hand was involved in saving me: 
(with gratitude to 100 Huntley Street / Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.)

Yeshua-Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is NO other way to gain forgiveness of sins; no other way to reach God directly and personally, nothing at all that brings real healing, inner peace, and hope that transcends this world.
I gave Him my old broken life, He gave me Abundant Life in Him. 
Are you ready to give your life to Yeshua and receive Him into your heart?|

Ask Him to be the Lord over every aspect of your life. He is waiting to bless you!